Fastest Ways to Earn XP and Level Up in FarmVille

Our Top Picks for Earning XP to Level Up in FarmVille

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The only way to move up through the levels in FarmVille is by earning experience points (XP). To find the best and fastest ways to earn XP, we compared XP-earning methods and came up with our top picks.

Having lots of FarmVille coins makes it easier to earn fast XP, but there are also a lot of free or cheap ways to earn XP. To earn XP, you either have to spend time working or spend FarmVille coins, or a combination of both.

Which Methods Earn XP the Fastest?

If your priority in FarmVille is to earn XP quickly, you’ll want to get the most XP per minute of time you work in FarmVille. We’ve ranked the XP-earning methods below by how fast they earn XP per your amount of effort, in XP per minute or XP per FarmVille coins spent. (Our ratings are based on estimates of actual time spent working rather than the full elapsed time including waiting for crops to grow, etc. For example, growing soybeans requires only a few seconds of actual work per plot, and the rest of the time you’re waiting for them to grow, during which you can do other things to earn XP.)

Buy Items at the Market

[225 XP/minute, costs 1 XP/20 coins for hay bales]

When you buy items in the market, you usually earn XP. The cheapest item is a hay bale, which costs 100 coins and earns 5 XP.

TIPS: Buy lots of hay bales. Delete them if you want, but keep them at least until you earn the Pack Rat ribbon (click here for best ribbons to earn XP), which earns up to 425 XP for having up to 250 decorations (hay bales or otherwise) on your farm at once. If you have lots of coins and want to level up really fast, you can buy buildings, but you’ll pay a premium price of 100 coins per XP, instead of the hay bales cheaper rate of 1 XP per 20 coins. Buildings will also get you Architect ribbons, which earn up to 1875 XP by having up to 30 buildings on your farm at once (click here for details).

Trade in Collections

[150XP/minute, FREE]

Gather items to complete each collection, and you can trade in each collection for 250 XP, 5000 coins and 5 gallons of fuel. Get collectible items as gifts from FarmVille friends, or when friends post them to the Facebook feed, or when they randomly pop up as you work on your or your neighbors’ farms. You can trade in each collection over and over, anytime you have all 6 items in the collection. (To see what’s in your collections, click the trophy button at the lower right of the FarmVille screen, then click Collections.)

TIPS: When you click a friend’s post in the Facebook feed to get a collectible, and then you see the confirmation screen showing what item you got, the item is already in your FarmVille gift box. You don’t need to click OK or go into FarmVille, just click your browser’s back button. This saves a lot of time. (The same is true for adopted animals, Mystery Eggs, or anything else your friends post.) Also, you can trade in the same collection over and over. Save up to 10 of each item in your Collections box, and you can even save more items in your gift box to replenish your collection after you’ve traded one in. Also, make XP by earning Cunning Collectors Ribbons (click here for details).

Grow Crops

[120 XP/minute for unfertilized strawberries, 240 XP/minute for fertilized Level-3 Mastery strawberries]

You can make a whole lot of XP per hour growing crops, especially if you have the largest number of plots possible, your neighbors fertilize your crops (adding 1XP per plot at harvest), and you’ve reached Level 3 Mastery of the crop you’re growing (adds more XP at harvest). Planting, plowing, and harvesting each plot requires about 1 second per plot using farm machinery or 4 seconds per plot without a tractor. So, growing strawberries using a tractor, seeder, and harvester would earn 2 XP per plot, plus more XP if they’re fertilized and you have Level-3 Mastery of strawberries.

TIPS: For the most XP, plant crops that earn the most XP in the shortest time. Usually, this will be berries, but check for special seasonal crops (such as Super Berries, Super Pumpkins, and Fire & Ice Roses), which can earn XP much faster. Once you’ve chosen a crop, keep growing it until you reach Level 3 Mastery to give you the extra XP at harvest. Also, invite your neighbors to fertilize your crops often for even more XP. Plus, you’ll earn even more XP from crop-related ribbons, such as Green Thumb (up to 180 XP for harvesting at least one plot of 17 different crops), Cream of the Crops (up to 250 for harvesting crops), Vegetable Virtuoso (up to 900 for harvesting vegetables), and Foremost Fruit Farmer (up to 900 for harvesting fruit crops), Lord of the Plow (up to 1800 for harvesting with a harvester), and Need for Seed (up to 1800 for planting with a seeder). (Click here for the best ribbons to earn XP.)

The best XP-earning crops (not including special seasonal crops) are as follows, ranked according to total XP from planting and plowing:

Crop XP/hr to Grow
Crop XP/hr to Grow
Blackberries .50 Cranberries .20
Blueberries .50 Green Tea .20
Raspberries .50 Acorn Squash .20
Strawberries .50 Asparagus .19
Aloe Vera .33 Peas .17
Ghost Chili .33 Rice .17
Pumpkins .25 Carrots .17
Tomatoes .25 Onions .17
Sugar Cane .25 Morning Glories .17

(For a more complete list, do a Google search for FarmVille crops XP.)

Get Lots of Neighbors to Fertilize your Crops

[1 bonus XP per plot at harvest, FREE]

When you harvest your crops, the plots that neighbors have fertilized earn an extra 1 XP per plot.

TIPS: To encourage neighbors to fertilize your crops, send an invitation to fertilize your crops (you’ll see a prompt when you’re planting seeds), or post a request as your Facebook status, and help on their farms and see if they repay the favor.

Work Towards Crop Mastery

[1 or more bonus XP per plot at harvest, FREE]

Once you have mastered a crop, meaning that you have planted enough plots of it to reach Level 3 Mastery of that crop, you’ll earn bonus XP on that crop every time you harvest it. If you’re growing crops anyway, using this method earns extra XP at no extra charge.

TIPS: The number of bonus XP varies by crop, but mastery of berries is supposed to give the greatest boost in bonus XP.

Help at Your Neighbors’ Farms

[23 XP/minute, FREE]

Each day you can earn 11 XP each for the first 20 FarmVille neighbors you help, and fewer XP for each additional FarmVille neighbor you help. It takes an average of about 28 seconds per neighbor. For each neighbor you earn:

  • 5 XP for raking leaves, weeds, etc.
  • 5 XP for fertilizing crops (1 XP per plot fertilized )
  • 1 XP for feeding the chickens in the coop

TIPS: Earn XP fastest by not waiting for the chicken coop results message to appear before visiting the next neighbor (you’ll still see the message after you arrive at the next farm). Also, you can work fastest on farms where neighbors have blocked in their farmer so your farmer doesn’t have to take time to walk around. For the most XP per minute, visit only neighbors who have crops planted or plowed plots, a chicken coop, and who have their farmer blocked in.

Plus, you can earn XP from Local Celebrity ribbons for helping on neighbors’ farms (click here for details).

Plant and Delete Soybeans

[48XP/minute using tractor, 36XP/minute without tractor; costs 1 XP/10 coins;]

Earn a total of 3 XP per plot when you plow, plant soybeans, and then delete them, at a total cost of 30 coins per plot. Planting soybeans earns 2 XP and costs 15 coins per plot, and plowing earns 1XP and costs 15 coins per plot.

TIPS: Delete plots faster by occasionally repositioning the screen so you don’t have to mouse very far from plots you’re deleting to the OK button on the “Are you sure you want to delete this object?” pop-up.

Plow and Delete Plots (No Planting)

[20XP/minute using tractor, 16 XP/minute without tractor; costs 1 XP/15 coins]

Plowing earns 1XP per plot plowed, so you can make XP by plowing and then deleting plots without growing anything.

TIPS: Delete plots faster by occasionally repositioning the screen so you don’t have to mouse very far from plots you’re deleting to the “Ok” button on the “Are you sure you want to delete this object” pop-up.

Click here for best ribbons to earn XP

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