73 SIMILAR POSTS... What's Up With That, Facebook?

Are you missing posts on your Facebook Home page? Maybe you are, but just don’t know it….

Suddenly today the Facebook feed started hiding FarmVille posts in huge hidden groupings marked with a “SIMILAR POSTS” link, which you have to click to see the posts. I just saw one grouping that contained 74 hidden posts! Anyone who plays social networking games like FarmVille knows that this means we can’t see all the posts of collectibles, Mystery Eggs, bonuses, gifts requests, etc. It’s so easy to miss the little “SIMILAR POSTS” headings.

The groupings also seem to change, so if you go to another page and back to your Home page, the “73 SIMILAR POSTS” grouping might now be a “49 SIMILAR POSTS” grouping, with the remaining posts showing up individually now. Who can keep track of which posts we’ve seen or not??

I know that non-gamers don’t always want to see the constant deluge of gamer’s posts, but is this really the best solution you could come up with? What’s up with that, Facebook?

We want a way to see ALL of our game posts, please!

If you agree, become a fan of this Facebook page:

Get rid of the SIMILAR POSTS groupings… WE’RE MISSING POSTS!

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2 comments to 73 SIMILAR POSTS… What’s Up With That, Facebook?

  • Pat

    I thought this was why Facebook had the HIDE button, so that any non gamer friends could hide the farmville, cafe world, etc. feeds. Bad move on FB’s part.

  • Maureen Lewis

    This “similar posts” idea is creating a nightmare for gamers. I am missimg tons of my posts and its very difficult and time consuming to navigate to and fronm similar posts. I hope this idea, which is a disaster, goes away as fast as it sprung up.