Fix for SIMILAR POSTS Problem on Facebook

Tired of your game posts being hidden in SIMILAR POSTS groupings? Here’s the fix:

Feed Filter is a great Facebook add-on that automatically expands SIMILAR POSTS groupings. It also lets you keep your Facebook feed set to Recent News and display as many extra Older Posts as you want without having to click Older Posts. And it have lots of other handy filters to control exactly what you want to see in your news feed.

Dowload Feed Filter at:

(Feed Filter is only for the Firefox browser. If you don’t already have Firefox installed, you’ll need to download it first at

Once you install Feed Filter, your SIMILAR POSTS will automatically be expanded, by default. If you want to explore other options, click Tools > Feed Filter Options while you’re in Facebook.

This is the best Facebook improvement I’ve found in a long time! I can see all my FarmVille posts, even the older ones, and easily search through them all if I need to.

Hope you find this helpful, too. Post your comments below and let me know…

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5 comments to Fix for SIMILAR POSTS Problem on Facebook

  • Bird

    Like other fixes for the similar post it does not fix the issue as now newer posts are showing after older posts and duplicates of same post are appearing… seems the duplicates are built into the new facebook look. I need a filter that puts all new posts back up top where they belong.

  • Rina

    I’ve used firefox and some feed filter 1.4.5, but some firefox add ons caused my browser to stop responding, now I’m trying opera browser which is faster but can I use feed filter with opera?

  • fixx for similar post

  • Hello everyone,

    Does anyone have a copy of the .xpi file that installs the Feed Filter ver1.4.5??? I would love to get a hold of that version specifically.


  • Kim Pedone

    I just downloaded the 2.0 version and now the default for showing similar posts is gone and I don’t know how to fix it. I want the similar posts to be expanded and not hidden.